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Here’s to you Justin.

It is boxing day and that means I leave Canada in a weeks time. Not two days ago I learnt about a young man’s death.. Justin Buzzard did not survive an accident, he was found on Christmas Eve. This is something his family and closest friends must deal with every year at the holidays and it is something I cannot even imagine dealing with. Justin was such a happy guy that was always smiling… I believe he is still smiling. This is the first time there has been a death of someone that I personally have memories and good times with and it is hard to think about him not being around anymore, Justin and I weren’t even as close as others were to him, but it’s still absolutely tragic and devastating to me. I’m thinking of his family and friends and I pray that they know he is watching over them now. This has taught me that all the presents and money in the world don’t matter, all you need is the people that matter most in your life! Just love them and cherish them. Don’t take any of the little things for granted. This is such an important lesson for me before I go on my trip.

Rest in Peace Justin 1991 – 2011 ❤


Tick tock…

I obviously started a count down to my departure as soon as my flight to Helsinki was booked. Well in the hustle and bustle of finals and preparing for my trip, time got away from and now there is only 16 days until I leave! I am terrified… I don’t think Helsinki is ready for me, what will they do?! But I am beyond excited… what am I going to experience? Who will I meet? Where will I go? There is so much unknown but I’m ready for it… hopefully.