Thoughts & What-not

to learn is to grow.

Meeting people from every corner of the world as well as travelling to a new continent has taught me that it is now time for me to sit back and listen. Listen to the people around me, my surroundings, and all the things I’m experiencing. My turn to speak will come again, but it is not right now.

Silence, especially between two or more people often feels awkward, but it’s something I believe we need to learn to be comfortable with. Just being content is sometimes a lovely state of mind that I encourage everyone to embrace once in a while…

Moving to a city with a population of almost double that of the city I previously lived in has taught me to really appreciate my time alone. Appreciation for the peace and quiet that comes with letting your thoughts drift away on a long bus ride, appreciation of being somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world sometimes, or even just walking through the busy streets of Helsinki’s City Center by yourself at any pace you decide.

Years of help from various people has prepared me for this. Anxiety is a dark cloak that can smother you if you do not know how to wear it. I have luckily figured out how to do just that. I’m now able to cope with it at the most important times, like here, when I’m on my own in a foreign country. If Rayelle from a few years ago were here in My place she would never have made it… I’m not sure what she would have done actually… But thanks to the people I love (and a few professionals) equipping me with the most essential coping mechanisms I’ve ever needed, I’m able to deal in pressing times. This keeps me calm, and going with the flow of things. This has been THE major lesson for me, if I can learn to deal with stress and anxiety, than it is possible for anyone to do absolutely anything they set their mind to!

Finland, Miscellaneous

First impressions

So upon arriving in Helsinki I obviously found some major differences between how things are done here and back home in Saskatchewan, Canada.

1. The first thing I noticed was that some of the traffic lights (I don’t think all of them did this) turn orange/amber before turning GREEN… instead of turning orange/amber before turning RED! It completely threw me off!

2. Next, I noticed that our toilets in our apartments don’t have a handle for flushing.. They have a lever that you pull up.

<– This is flushing. Weird.










3. It seems that people from every other country EXCEPT Canada can speak AT LEAST TWO languages, usually three – five, but minimum two. Oh no big deal… So now I need to get on learning a second one ASAP.

4. Another one is how you buy pickles in a grocery store. It doesn’t come in a jar prepackaged for you… nope, you have to BAG it, like you do apples or lemons. On a side note it makes the rest of your fridge smell like dilly pickle goodness 🙂

Baggin pickles like it’s my day J O B. Yummm







5. The last thing I can think of right now is how you catch one of the MANY buses around here. You have to stand just about right on the street and put your hand right in front of the bus so as to say “Hey YOU! I need YOUR bus! Yes YOUUU, the one about to hit my arm!!!” They know you need to catch their bus this way.

So until I come up with more, these are the ones I can think of. I cannot wait to find out what other cultural differences we have 🙂


What to do now that I’m here though…

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Helsinki so that means my weekend has started already! Yayy. What should I do??? If anyone is willing to help me out I’d love to hear it!



Look out Finland, I’ve arrived…

Well after what seems like endless days of travelling I’ve made it to my very own Finnish apartment. It only took three long flights, about 8 hours in layovers,  15 hours total in flights, and an 8 hour loss. Oh and 1 night in a hostel before getting the key to my 69 square foot apartment. But me and all of my luggage arrived safe and sound and so I’m grateful!

I got very little sleep on any of my flights or during any of my layovers, I was worried about missing flights or someone taking my bags. But I think I’m caught up now. I can’t believe I’m actually here in Helsinki, Finland. It’s surreal, but I intend on living it to the fullest (while being safe, mom.)! I miss seeing everyone as often as I’m used to, that’ll be the toughest part in this, but meeting new people is such an exciting though at the same time!!!

The people that stayed in my apartment before me left some dishes, a set of sheets, and even a pillow. That takes a little bit off of my list of things to pick up today!