“Emotional Puberty”

Going through my twenties (or starting to go through my twenties) has proved to be a little bit more challenging than I anticipated, for reasons I never really expected. Through a lot of recent discussions with my sister about the things I’m feeling and going through, I’ve decided that our twenties are kind of like going through “emotional puberty”. What I mean by this term is that we’re starting to learn who we are, who we want to be, what kind of things matter to us, and a bunch of other crazy things that change on an almost daily basis. While this is happening we start seeing people, relationships and different situations in our lives from different eyes, depending on our priorities at that particular moment.

Well if anyone remembers what it was like when our bodies had to go through this change when we were younger, then they probably remember how hard it was, to go through something you really didn’t understand but couldn’t change. Our bodies were changing and growing while we suffered from the humiliation and utter confusion of what was happening. Now that I have to start deciding the kind of things that matter to me and as I grow into an adult (because Lord knows I’m really just a glorified child) I feel like it’s happening again, it’s as though my feelings, values and morals are going through puberty… And I’m unsure of how to deal with it quite honestly. I suppose I just need to remain honest with myself about everything I want out of this life!

– Ray


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