“Emotional Puberty”

Going through my twenties (or starting to go through my twenties) has proved to be a little bit more challenging than I anticipated, for reasons I never really expected. Through a lot of recent discussions with my sister about the things I’m feeling and going through, I’ve decided that our twenties are kind of like going through “emotional puberty”. What I mean by this term is that we’re starting to learn who we are, who we want to be, what kind of things matter to us, and a bunch of other crazy things that change on an almost daily basis. While this is happening we start seeing people, relationships and different situations in our lives from different eyes, depending on our priorities at that particular moment.

Well if anyone remembers what it was like when our bodies had to go through this change when we were younger, then they probably remember how hard it was, to go through something you really didn’t understand but couldn’t change. Our bodies were changing and growing while we suffered from the humiliation and utter confusion of what was happening. Now that I have to start deciding the kind of things that matter to me and as I grow into an adult (because Lord knows I’m really just a glorified child) I feel like it’s happening again, it’s as though my feelings, values and morals are going through puberty… And I’m unsure of how to deal with it quite honestly. I suppose I just need to remain honest with myself about everything I want out of this life!

– Ray

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Things Time has taught me.

1. Growing is far beyond a linear event progressing forward; it is mistakes, reflections, lessons and changes, good and bad.

2. The speed you are living your life is most likely the speed you will always live it… You won’t be “less” busy next month, or next week, or even next year.

3. Advice is so much easier to give than it is to take.

  • Something I try whenever I am about to give is advice is putting myself in their shoes and thinking about what I would do if it were me. I don’t give advice that I wouldn’t follow.

4. When you are working towards something, it WILL get hard and you WILL want to give up – DON’T. There’s a bigger reason you began this journey in the first place than just a relaxing tomorrow, or a weekend out.

5. Change is inevitable, in every aspect of your life – learn to somehow embrace it. Imagine change is the turbulence between your cold, snowy home city and your tropical vacation… it’s rough and scary but well worth it!

6. NOTHING is permanent except death. Everything can be changed, to do what you need to, or what you want to.

7. Everyone is capable of offering their opinion, even when it’s not solicited, but few can offer just their ears to listen.

  • Sometimes, the best advice I’m able to give someone is a listening ear, to let them sort their thoughts out aloud

8. Learn what makes YOU happy, and sad, and mad so you know what your triggers are, and you know how to handle your emotions around others.

9. Happiness is contagious, everybody loves to be around someone that is happy, especially someone that is happy with themselves, they tend to emanate positivity in everything they do.

10. Silence, with others, can be incredibly relaxing, it also develops very strong and comfortable relationships. Learn to appreciate silence, not every moment needs to be filled with chatter. Think about the people you are closest with, if you’re really comfortable with them, you most likely can hang out without having to talk and chat the entire time.. each others’ presence is whats important.

11. The Golden Rule – Treat others as you want to be treated – does not mean you are allowed to be rude or disrespect others because that is how they treated you, it is about you treating others how you want to be treated in return – meaning it must start with you.

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through my eyes versus the lens

A lens or a phrase can never capture or justify the sights my eyes have seen,
There is no way to explain the way it was, in the places I have been.
There are shadows that no adjustment can see quite the way I could at the time,
There are moods that affect the experience and change what a picture will mean.
The only way to share what I have done and seen is to keep the possibility of future memories alive for others to try.

I will attempt to describe my happenings with you, but I am only one.
You must See, Hear, Feel, and Experience it all for yourself to truly appreciate.
The beauty of rushing rapids on a winter day in the forest, the pure and innocent joy of playing in the snow on a clear sunny day, or even the fatigue that comes with only having four hours of daylight everyday are all things that require your full presence.
You are welcome to view what I have viewed via the pictures I have taken and the stories I share, but I promise we will paint different scenes.


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First impressions

So upon arriving in Helsinki I obviously found some major differences between how things are done here and back home in Saskatchewan, Canada.

1. The first thing I noticed was that some of the traffic lights (I don’t think all of them did this) turn orange/amber before turning GREEN… instead of turning orange/amber before turning RED! It completely threw me off!

2. Next, I noticed that our toilets in our apartments don’t have a handle for flushing.. They have a lever that you pull up.

<– This is flushing. Weird.










3. It seems that people from every other country EXCEPT Canada can speak AT LEAST TWO languages, usually three – five, but minimum two. Oh no big deal… So now I need to get on learning a second one ASAP.

4. Another one is how you buy pickles in a grocery store. It doesn’t come in a jar prepackaged for you… nope, you have to BAG it, like you do apples or lemons. On a side note it makes the rest of your fridge smell like dilly pickle goodness 🙂

Baggin pickles like it’s my day J O B. Yummm







5. The last thing I can think of right now is how you catch one of the MANY buses around here. You have to stand just about right on the street and put your hand right in front of the bus so as to say “Hey YOU! I need YOUR bus! Yes YOUUU, the one about to hit my arm!!!” They know you need to catch their bus this way.

So until I come up with more, these are the ones I can think of. I cannot wait to find out what other cultural differences we have 🙂

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Here’s to you Justin.

It is boxing day and that means I leave Canada in a weeks time. Not two days ago I learnt about a young man’s death.. Justin Buzzard did not survive an accident, he was found on Christmas Eve. This is something his family and closest friends must deal with every year at the holidays and it is something I cannot even imagine dealing with. Justin was such a happy guy that was always smiling… I believe he is still smiling. This is the first time there has been a death of someone that I personally have memories and good times with and it is hard to think about him not being around anymore, Justin and I weren’t even as close as others were to him, but it’s still absolutely tragic and devastating to me. I’m thinking of his family and friends and I pray that they know he is watching over them now. This has taught me that all the presents and money in the world don’t matter, all you need is the people that matter most in your life! Just love them and cherish them. Don’t take any of the little things for granted. This is such an important lesson for me before I go on my trip.

Rest in Peace Justin 1991 – 2011 ❤