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Things Time has taught me.

1. Growing is far beyond a linear event progressing forward; it is mistakes, reflections, lessons and changes, good and bad.

2. The speed you are living your life is most likely the speed you will always live it… You won’t be “less” busy next month, or next week, or even next year.

3. Advice is so much easier to give than it is to take.

  • Something I try whenever I am about to give is advice is putting myself in their shoes and thinking about what I would do if it were me. I don’t give advice that I wouldn’t follow.

4. When you are working towards something, it WILL get hard and you WILL want to give up – DON’T. There’s a bigger reason you began this journey in the first place than just a relaxing tomorrow, or a weekend out.

5. Change is inevitable, in every aspect of your life – learn to somehow embrace it. Imagine change is the turbulence between your cold, snowy home city and your tropical vacation… it’s rough and scary but well worth it!

6. NOTHING is permanent except death. Everything can be changed, to do what you need to, or what you want to.

7. Everyone is capable of offering their opinion, even when it’s not solicited, but few can offer just their ears to listen.

  • Sometimes, the best advice I’m able to give someone is a listening ear, to let them sort their thoughts out aloud

8. Learn what makes YOU happy, and sad, and mad so you know what your triggers are, and you know how to handle your emotions around others.

9. Happiness is contagious, everybody loves to be around someone that is happy, especially someone that is happy with themselves, they tend to emanate positivity in everything they do.

10. Silence, with others, can be incredibly relaxing, it also develops very strong and comfortable relationships. Learn to appreciate silence, not every moment needs to be filled with chatter. Think about the people you are closest with, if you’re really comfortable with them, you most likely can hang out without having to talk and chat the entire time.. each others’ presence is whats important.

11. The Golden Rule – Treat others as you want to be treated – does not mean you are allowed to be rude or disrespect others because that is how they treated you, it is about you treating others how you want to be treated in return – meaning it must start with you.