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Valentine’s Day <3

Back home in Canada (and North America), this day is most commonly celebrated as a romantic holiday with your significant other. Leaving those of us that are single to feel extra single and alone on this particular day. Couples try to do nice things for each other and treat each other while “singles” either hide in misery or join up with other singles and either try to ignore the day going on around them or act like they actually hate the holiday because it’s overrated (who doesn’t want to receive chocolates from someone though??).

Here in Helsinki however, Valentine’s Day is a day that you celebrate friendships and loved ones.. Brilliant! I could not have come up with a better use for a day dedicated to Love, spend it with all the people you care about and love, not just the ones you’re romantic with!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the most important people in my life… even if I do not specifically say your name in this post, just know that I am grateful for YOU everyday. I love all of you because you bring something special into my life that I would not have had without you.

My mom, Kim Fisher and her partner, my Step-dad Derril Halcro:

At Tyson and Amanda Lloyd's Wedding

Honestly, there aren’t words to explain the gratitude and appreciation for everything you guys do for me. You are constantly helping me out whenever I need it and I know that if I ever have any sort of problem, I can come to you. The beauty of your relationship is the balance.. Where you might be a little high-strung and stressed about something mom, D is confident and relaxed about it. You both understand me better than I understand myself, you know my patterns, you know when something is bothering me, you know exactly how to deal with me somehow.

My sister, Lacey Fisher:

With Harley

You are the other half of me.. I feel lost without you. Luckily, you’ve taught me a lot along the way and through the years so things are going well here in Helsinki. I’m learning to cook on my own, and when I’m cooking it’s like you’re right next to me helping me because you’ve always helped me. It might be why I love it so much, because you love it so much and it makes me feel so close to you. I have a neat birthday gift for you, it’s not much but I think you’ll absolutely love it. I can’t wait to see you and spend a weekend lounging around with you being goofy.. Nobody is like us so only you and I can be crazy like we are!

My best friends, Jade Ford, Dakota Adams-Beavereye, and Barrett Madsen:

Prime Rib Night

You guys know way too much about me, so it’s a really good thing we have the relationships we do. I don’t know many other people that could handle being my best friends on a regular basis, you three are amazing to me. The support and love you show me is astonishing.. The way you guys are there through absolutely anything, regardless of what I look like (which sometimes nobody really knows what’s going on), or what I do. I want each of you to know that no matter where you go or what you, I will always support you.

My 20th Birthday in PA

Jade, I want you to know how proud I am of you figuring out what you want in your future. Even starting to plan out what you’d like to do! Amazing! I’ve seen you working (tehehe many times) and you have one of the best work ethics I have ever seen next to my mom and my sister, regardless of the job or customer, you give it everything. I’m proud of obstacles you’ve overcome and the steps you’ve been taking to deal with anything you need to. I still believe we are sisters… One day we’ll figure it out. Regardless I’m beyond happy having you in my life at all!!!

My 20th BirthdayDakota, you’re doing amazing in school and I have to say I’m super pumped that it’s business (I know you don’t love it, but you can work in any field with a business background). School is hard, ask any student. But the dedication you show is unreal, you put so much of yourself into your work that it reflects in your grades. You get out what you put in. I miss hanging out and being ridiculous, laughing about the most insane things. When I hear girls talk about their “friends” and all the awful things they do to each other it baffles me because I have you and Jade and I know you girls have my backs no matter what.

Driving the 'vetteBMad, our friendship was an unexpected one, I gotta say. But it feels like you’ve been one of my best friends for years because we’re always on the same page. You’re always able to calm me down when I’m flipping out and that’s not always easy to do. Yeea sonnn! You’ve come so far and grown so much in the past year and I couldn’t be happier for you! Seeing you live it up with your crew, fall in love with the girl of your dreams (A Z06 with more ponies under the hood than the Calgary Stampede), named MURDRD, and start living for number one is such an improvement from the shape you were in a year ago. I’m so proud of you and how much you’ve grown.

My babysitter, Skylar LeBel:

Edward's Business Formal

Well not only are you one of my closest friends, you’re now my babysitter!! You have no idea how grateful I am to you for looking after not only Ace, my elderly snake, but also my baby girl (our puppy, I don’t actually have a baby. Just to clear any possible confusion!) Harley while my family is on vacation. When I get home I’ll return the favour sometime by looking after Tripp if you ever need, that is, if we can look past our differences.

My family in Vuolukiventie 1 B:

After beer pongAt Le Bonk

Moving to another city isn’t easy, moving to another country is hard, but moving to another continent.. now THAT was tough. Living here in Vuolu is the first time I’ve ever lived on my own and I must say, I love it. But the people here in Vuolu make it quite easy as I’m never alone for long. There seems to always be a supper of some nationality, or corridor party, or some type of event going on that make it feel like we’re all family here. We support each other when we need help, we invite each other to events, and we offer up our rooms to each other. All of you have made me feel so welcome here, not only in Vuolu but in Helsinki. It has helped tremendously and I would like to thank everyone for all that they do for one another. Sometimes you can’t hear the Thank you’s or Kiitos’ in the loud room of people but everything you do for everyone matters, and it just might have made someone’s day so please accept this as my way of saying Thank You forall your hard work!

While today is a day that we celebrate Love, I don’t think it should be limited to just one day. Nice gestures are welcome and appreciated by most people, everyday of the year. I want not just everyone listed here but everyone in my life to know that you matter, and I love you!